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Your Partner in Your Children's Early Learning Stages

About Us

We are a childcare Center with Preschool education since July 2012. Families deserve to know that their children are in quality childcare settings that foster a love of learning, promote each child's unique skills and cultures, and support the development of the entire child. In 2014 we joined the Early Achievers Washington Quality Rating Program, created for this purpose. Getting the best results in all of Washington state.

Philosophy of the Center:

Our goal at My Little Planet Learning and Childcare Center is to provide a warm and safe environment where they can realize their learning potential. We believe that early learning and stimulation are essential for children's development and that they learn best during playtime and activities. We strive to create a learning community.

vision: We want to still at the best leader in early learning in our area, that teachers can be trained to teach children in both languages at the same time, (English and Spanish) and our children at an early age are bilingual. To be one of the first centers to achieve the 70 points for level 4 in EA.

Nutritious, Home Style Meals for Your Children

To make sure that all the kids in our center get the nutrients that they need, we cook for them every day. All meals are cooked home style and follow a nutrition program.

Mission Statement

Our goal at My Little Planet Learning Center and Preschool is to offer your child a warm, safe, and nurturing environment, where they can realize their learning potential, finding the elements that help them grow and learn.

We believe that early learning and stimulation is essential for the development of children and that they learn best through play and active involvement. We strive to create a safe learning community.

Philosophy of the Curriculum:

The curriculum that we use is the one written by Teaching Strategies Gold is used from September to June, which is practically based on creating a community in the classroom, taking a positive guide in the behavior of the children, teaching intentionally and responsibly, always evaluating the learning of the children. Offering it in English and Spanish language.

We are dedicated to helping all children succeed! We understand that the most critical moment in a child's life is from birth to age five. We want to make sure we support every child both academically and emotionally. To achieve this, we are using the creative curriculum that helps teachers individualize instruction. Our teachers follow the child's example and track their progress to ensure they meet developmental milestones. Creative Curriculum also helps teachers ensure that children are exposed to all areas of development by encouraging the use of hands-on learning opportunities in the following areas: Social/Emotional, physical, linguistic, and cognitive. By using the same curriculum for all age groups in our programs (toddlers and preschoolers), information about a child can be transmitted as the child moves from our child's room through the preschool classroom. Our highly qualified teachers facilitate the learning in our supportive, intellectually stimulating environment, where children can explore and learn from our different areas of interest, such as dramatic play, science center, writing center, block center and art. Teachers set up these learning centers based on the children's needs and interests (for example, the teacher uses the assessment data to plan activities). Every day we have structured and unstructured learning activities, for example, on a typical day, we could have a small group activity where children learn about butterflies in the reading center and draw butterflies in the art area.

We are one of the first day care centers to be accredited by the Washington Early Achievers, having a quality rating of Level 3. Our experienced staff is the key to the quality of our services and education that we provide. We also see to it that we give our undivided attention with regard to the supervision of your children.


I love my little planet. My kids have been here since they were babies. Never have I felt so comfortable going to work leaving my kids in great hands. Teacher Ana is amazing and teacher Elizabeth. Can't forget sweet Kathy and the rest of the staff. Love my little planet.

- Jasmine Zamudio Reviewed My Little Planet Learning Center and Preschool — 5 Star

My daughter loves it!!! The staff is very friendly.

- Olivia Ramos Reviewed My Little Planet Learning Center and Preschool — 5 Star

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