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Policy Guidelines

At My Little Planet Learning Center and Preschool in Kennewick, Washington, we strive to provide your child with quality early education. Please read our guidelines on this page to learn more about our programs and policies. You can also download and read our center’s parent handbook for more information.

Fees and Payment Plan

In order for us to provide quality care for your child, we depend on you to pay your fees in a timely manner. The following guidelines will promote effective payment and collection of those funds. Please read this policy carefully and be sure to ask if you have a question, or if you wonder which fees apply to you.

The tuition that you pay goes directly into our payroll fund so that we can hire qualified early childhood educators who work directly with your child. Your tuition and adherence to these guidelines also ensure your child’s space in our program.

Please observe the following policies carefully:

  1. A $95 registration fee is due at the time of enrollment. A $50 enrollment fee is charged each September after that.
  2. A two-week deposit needs to be paid before entering, and deposit money will be used towards the last two weeks of childcare. This is only after a written two-week notice is given to the director.
  3. A $50 fee will be charged once a month if an account is left delinquent until sent to collectors.
  4. All payments must be made using online payment and Automated Payment .Cash is not accepted. There will be a $40 fee if a payment  is returned.
  5. All fees are paid weekly. You may pay for more than one week at a time, but all fees are prepaid. Payment can be made Friday for the following week, or Monday for the current week.
  6. The minimum payment plan is for three days per week, no exceptions. This is the only way that we can ensure your child’s placement in our center.
  7. We do not give credit for absent days. If your child is sick for an excessive number of days, the director may discuss different billing options with you.
  8. When your child is absent for any reason, you are responsible for calling and informing us of the absence. After your child is 1 hour late for day care, with no phone call, they will be marked absent. If a continued pattern of neglecting to call develops, your childcare privileges may be suspended. If you fail to call for three days in a row, we will consider your enrollment terminated, and your child’s spot will be filled from our waiting list immediately.
  9. If you receive government assistance for childcare, your co-pay is due by the 1th of each month. If you cannot pay your co-pay by the 5th, you must speak with the director regarding when you will be able to make your payment ahead of time.
  10. If you must leave our care for any reason, we do require that a written two weeks' notice be given. This allows us adequate time to fill your spot with someone on our waiting list. If you neglect to provide us with two weeks' notice, your account will be charged.

Vacation Time

Families are allowed two weeks’ vacation per calendar year that ensures we hold space for the child’s return. Vacation will only be granted if taken a week at a time, not a day here and there. Families also have the option of taking the entire summer off, if arrangements are made in advance. Vacation requests must be in writing and given to the director two weeks in advance.

Late Pick-Up

If you do not pick up your child by 6:00 PM, or pick up after 10 hours we charge one parttime extra , you will be charged a late fee of $3 per minute after 6:00 pm.

Late Fees

A $25 late fee will be charged every 16th of the month if payments are not made by then.

A $50 fee will be charged once a month if an account is left delinquent until sent to collections.

Transportation and Field Trip Arrangements

We do not drive the children on field trips. All field trips are done using public transportation or parent volunteers. Parents must fill out a volunteer application, pass a background check, and show a clean driving record before they will be allowed to transport students.

Weather-Related Closures

My Little Planet Learning Center and Preschool will be opened on all regularly scheduled business days, with the exception of a Black Ice forecast. In the event of snow and icy rain or if the Kennewick Public School District announces a school delay or closure, My Little Planet Learning Center and Preschool will have a two-hour delay, opening at 9:00 AM instead of 6:00 AM.

Holidays and Closures

We are closed on the following holidays:

  • September: Labor Day Weekend
  • November: Veteran's Day, Thanksgiving, and the Day After Thanksgiving
  • December: Christmas eve early closure-Christmas
  • January: New Year's Day and M.L. King Jr. Day
  • February: President’s Day
  • May: Mother's Day Weekend and Memorial Day Weekend
  • July: Fourth of July (and Weekend/Weekday Always This Close to Friday or Monday)
  • We Closed for conferences and professional days see in calendar year.

We have parent-teacher conferences day three times a year. We will be closed for childcare during those days. You can see the schedule of these conferences in our calendar.

We have staff professional development days Four or five times a year. We will be closed for childcare during those days. You can see the schedule on the calendar for the year.

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