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Enroll Process

The registration process for our program

Thank you for contacting us and for your interest in our My Little Planet Learning and Childcare Center LLC program.

admission and registration:

*Transition to the program

Before care begins, parents and the child are invited to visit the program at least twice. The first applicant to be a "familiarization" visit to observe the place and ask questions about the program without your child; we will also discuss prices and fees, if you are interested, we will give you the appropriate forms to complete. you can then make an appointment with your child to observe and interact. Limit your visits to no more than one hour. Once accepted into our program, you will receive a welcome letter detailing all the requirements and tips for the transition. We will not receive your child if you have not made a previous visit (one on one)

*Before your child attends, you must complete all required enrollment documentation and make payment arrangements at least 24 hours before the date you would like to start. We also require your child to visit our school before staying here on the first day.

*All children should be trained to go to the bathroom to start preschool, but we can help if they need a little more time


At the Early Childhood Education Program, we believe that children of all skill grades are entitled to equal opportunities for participation,

Acceptance, and belonging in childcare. We will make all reasonable accommodations to encourage the full and active participation of all children in our program in accordance with their individual abilities and needs.

If your child has an identified special need and has already been evaluated, please share AIP, so we can plan for your child.

In case your child cannot comfortably settle into our program, I will give you one month's notice to find a new daycare provider. If I feel the behavior is too harmful to others, I reserve the right to allow only 5 days’ notice. There will be no refund.

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